Hi there! Rumor has it that you want to start one of the new crafting classes! A good crafter will always have an abundance of great materials to make items with. The following guide will give you a brief walkthrough on how to gather resources for you and your friends.


First and foremost, we are going to need to find the trainers. They can all be found in the Crafting Studio right next to the fishing hole. You can enter this zone by speaking to any of the Fishing Hole Gatekeepers in one of the starting towns.
Here are the names of all the Gatekeepers and their associated towns:

Einhoren : Jude
Etton : Bruce
Montt : Hanz
Kai'non : Frederick
Par'Talucca : Henry
Rev'Decca : Matthew
Vena : Peter

Once inside, go to the crafting studio and look for the NPC by the name of �Colek�.

Colek will offer three different gathering professions. Each of the gathering professions have somewhat of a matching crafting profession. However, you may be contacted by different types of crafters for your materials. Below are the suggested gathering professions for each crafting profession.

Weaponsmith : Minerals
Armorsmith : Minerals
Accessory Producer : Gems
Magic Tool Producer : Plants

After you have selected a gathering profession, Colek will ask you to do a small quest. The quest will consist of gathering minerals, gems or plants depending on the profession you chose. All of the quest items can be found just outside of the starting towns. They will look like one of the pictures below. You can interact with these by left clicking on them and waiting for the timer bar to finish. Once gathered, they will appear in your inventory. After you have finished gathering the materials, head back to Colek to receive your crafting tool. The tool MUST be equipped to gather materials.

Character Information Window
Players can access the Character Information Screen by pressing C on their keyboard. There have been some slight changes to go with the crafting update. Players will be able to equip special items for crafting/gathering as well as check their crafting/gathering skills and blueprints.

 Production/Gathering -Toggles between the Production and Gathering tabs to view gear and skills.
 Inventory -Just like equipping armor and weapons, equip gear to assist you in producing and
 gathering.(a tool is required to gather materials).
 Gathering Information -View your job, progression and level for producing or gathering.

 Helmets - Increases the area where resources will show on radar.

Chests - Increases the amount of resources obtained when gathering.

Boots - Increases the chance of getting rare or special resources.

Gloves - Reduces the collection time when gathering resources.

Tools - A higher chance to increase skill level.

Assorted Materials - Gets your resources ready for production
Resource Processing - Gets your resources ready for production.

Extraction Pulverizer - Extract special materials from weapons, armor and option stones to use while producing.
Pre-Gathering Info

There are 5 types of basic materials you can produce for each gathering profession.

As you level up, you will be able to produce higher grades of the different materials. Grade E being the lowest and Grade A being the highest. Each time you gather a resource, you have a chance to level up your gathering skill. Below you will see the level ranges for each grade:

- Grade E: 1~50
- Grade D: 51~125
- Grade C: 126~225
- Grade B: 226~350
- Grade A: 351~400

Players will also have a chance to produce a Rare or Special type of that material. For Example:

- Basic: Artrium
- Rare: Astantine
- Special: Strontium


- A Gathering Skill Trained

- Gather Quest Completed
- Gathering Tool Equipped
- Lots of Inventory Space
- (Optional) Gathering Clothes Equipped
- (Optional) Crafting Profession Selected

All resources have Grades A~E. Please refer to Pre-Gathering Information page

Processing Resources

Now you should have a bundle of resources in your bag. What now? Well now you have to get them processed and ready to use for producing. Head to your nearest processor in the crafting studio.

Step 1: Select which item you want processed. In this case, I will be processing Grade E Artrium.

                                                       Step 2: Here you will see the quantity needed to process the item. It says I need (10) Artrium Minerals and (1) Melting stone to create a Grade E Mineral Ingot. Melting Stones and other supplies can be found at the crafting supplier in the crafting studio. Press the Start Processing button to create the item.
         Step 3:
A progression bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. It will take 10 seconds to complete the process. If all goes well, you will create a new item will be placed into your inventory.

You can repeat this action as many times as you have the materials to do so. Now your resources should be ready to use for producing.

Processing Resources - Rare and Special

You'll notice that the Rare and Special resources will have different options when processing. While you can't process them into things like Ingots, you can process the Rare resources into Special resources by following the same steps in the previous page.

Special resources cannot be processed into a Rare resource.